data-the sterile and the creative

Lesson 7 Data-the sterile and the creative


· Students will explore how to decide which three national statistics on alcohol use would be best to compare at the local level.

· Students will be introduced to the Excel program. The students will produce graphs to compare national and local statistics on alcohol use.

· Students will explore how to use their creativity to produce graphs that compare national and local statistics.

· Students will use Survey Monkey to gather local statistics on alcohol use.

· Students will become acquainted with proper documentation of statistics.


  • The teacher will provide the following national statistics on alcohol;

1. “56% of students in grades 5-12 say that alcohol advertising encourages them to drink.” The data was produced by the national Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. The data was quoted in

2. 23.3 percent of students have had their first drink of alcohol other than a few sips before age 13 years. The data was taken out of The National High Risk Student Survey. The data was quoted in Youth Online: Compare Results From :A Location Over Time.

3. 43% percent of students have had at least one drink of alcohol on one or more of the past 30 days . The data came from the 2005 national Youth Risk Behavior Survey . The survey was found at

Teacher will practice with students (How to turn a national statistic into a local survey question)/

· Students will take a survey at Survey Monkey to determine how they compare with the above statistics.

Class discussion questions. How did these survey questions compare to the ones you designed?

Now let's analyze the data we collected.
Teacher logs on to Survey Monkey on projector. Username: password: see teacher
Click on Survey. Chose Analyze. Display results for students.
Class discussion. How did these local results compare to national statistics?

Activity: Create a Chart in Excel comparing Local and National Statistic

Advertising influences drinking?


  1. Open Excel and follow the directions on the attached document
  • Students will practice using national statistics from Internet research bookmarked in their account and the local data collected using Survey Monkey to create a graph in Excel.
  • Teacher note: Use directions above and update data from survey monkey to reflect most current data.