Using Photostory

  • Students will learn to use Photostory (a free Microsoft tool that lets you create slideshows using photos and sound)
  • Students will explore the power of images to communicate a message within a movie.
  • Students will be introduced to Expert Speaker on Drugs and Alcohol.
  • Establish Computer Lab Protocol for SMART ART projects.
  • ·Expectations of students while working in lab (practice times, instruction time, project time, activity completed time)
  • Sharing space with others (physical space/ virtual space)
  • Logging in (username password)
  • File Management
  • Create a folder (Right Click / New Folder/ Foldername
  • Receive/ Locate files from teachers to work with for this exercise
  • Using the PhotoStory Wizard
  • Create 2 short slideshow/movies
SlideShow 1: Intro to a PSA about Drugs and Alcohol
SlideShow 2: Credits to a PSA about Drugs and Alcohol

Each movie will must have
  1. 3 photos
  2. Titles or Credits
  3. 2 Transitions
  4. Sound

  • Import 3 Pictures
  • SAVE your PROJECT in YOUR Folder
  • Add a Title to the First Picture
  • Add Music to the First Picture
  • Narrate the Picture of Your Speaker (introduce her and her credentials)
  • Create Music for the Intro and the End (make sure you are clicked on the right picture)
  • SAVE your Project Again
  • SAVE Your Story for Playback on Your Computer – MAKE sure you BROWSE to YOUR folder
  • View Your Project
  • If you have time try to use the following (Click on a picture)
· Go BACK to Import Pictures - Use EDIT to Crop a picture and ADD Effects
Go Back to Narrate and Try ·Customize Motion (Use the Transition Tab)