Lesson 8 The Flow of Putting Together a PSA

Welcome to Public Service Announcements and your final project for SMART-ART

You will be completing a series of assignments that will culminate in writing, directing, editing, and producing your own Public Service Announcement commercial.


1. Proposal
You (if you choose to work alone) or you and your partner will have a conversation with Mrs. McCarthy/Ms.Haberman. (PS. Mrs. McCarthy will provide a series of possible PSA topics in class.)

Be ready to talk about::
1. The reasoning behind your choice
2. A brief description of your PSA
3. Get approval from Ms.Haberman

2.. Research
You and your partner have picked a topic. Begin the research phase of your project by using the Internet to find 2 national statistics that relate to your topic using the techniques learned in our introduction to research using del.icio.us. You and your partner MUST use our class del.ico.us account to bookmark at least 2 websites that contain national statistics .(make sure you LOG IN to the del.icio.us account BEFORE you start your research)
Highlight the national statistic on the web site and (COPY) it into the NOTES section of the del.icio.us bookmark screen when you save your bookmark. Include at least two tags for each site (1) tag with your name (or your partner, or teamname) and (2) tag about the topic of your psa.. i.e. Bullying
Note: TAGS cannot have spaces.(ex. YourName_PartnerName). Follow these instructions carefully because you will be assessed on whether you met the requirement of finding and bookmarking 2 national statistics. You also need to research two sources where to get help (ex.http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/teen-smoking/HQ00139)

Information to find:
  • Statistics and your topic and where to go for help about your topic
  • Valid resource that you will document
  • Background information
You will be citing your resources in your credits, so keep track of where your information comes from!
Use the Research Checklist to document your sources,(web sites and photos from Flickr)
[[file:Research Checklist.doc]
THE STORY BOARD AND SCRIPTStory BoardThe story board is a map of the PSA. You should include frame by frame exactly what is going to take place in your PSA. Who is going to be in your PSA. You should include what pictures will you be taking, what the sound is going to be, what the text is going to be,.Every picture needs to be accounted for.The SCRIPTYour script needs to include any dialog that will happen during your PSA. If you have characters, you will need a copy for each person involved. It needs to be included in your story board,7. Filming!- - - - - - - - - - - -Step 1: Get the equipment you need. Camera, recording device, movie camera, laptop,etc (What ever you need to make filming happen) Check out equipment with Mrs. McCarthy and Ms. HabermanStep 2: Take your story board and arrange your actors and propsStep 3: Take pictures or film. Know which camera you are using!Step 4: Connect the camera to the computer and import your film.Editing – You will be using either or both Windows Photostory and Windows Movie Maker to edit your project.

(This is the place to talk about music-IF YOU WANT TO IMPORT UP TO 30 SEC OFF A CD BE PREPARED TO COME AFTERSCHOOL. Otherwise use creative common music.)

- - - - - - - - - - - -
Once you have your film clips, bring them onto your timeline and set up your titles, effects, and transitions.
Remember* 30 sec min*60 sec max*!!!
This is a commercial, so make sure you have statistics or facts and a place to go for more information!
Check yourself on the assessment rubric