Research using 21st Century Tools


To create a cumulative knowledge base of statistics and web resources related to your topic. To learn digital tools that faciliate collaborative research See this excellent example


  • Establish Computer Lab Protocol for SMART ART projects.
  • ¬∑Expectations of students while working in lab (practice times, instruction time, project time, activity completed time)
  • Sharing space with others (physical space/ virtual space)
  • Logging in (username password)
  • File Management
  • Create a folder (Right Click / New Folder/ Foldername
  • Receive/ Locate files from teachers to work with for this exercise
  • Introduction to social bookmarking tools
      1. Some social bookmarking sites are
        3. Stumble Upon
        >>> Teacher note: discuss the pros and cons of using these tools.
        >>> i.e. building a collective knowledge base, distributing work, getting sites worth bookmarking
      2. Register for an account / or LOG In to
  • >>> Username SmartArt1 Password (see your teacher)
      1. Install the Button on the ToolBar if not already installed (and you have Admin privileges)
  • >>>
  • >>>
  • >>> Install the Button If you don't have ADMIN privileges on your computer,
  • >>>
  • >>>
  • >>> Right click on the POST to
  • >>> Add to Favorites
  • >>> Create the Favorite in the LINKS folder
  • >>> If it gives a SAFTEY warning
  • >>>
      1. Practice - Adding Links to a account
  • >>> (You must be logged in to do this)
  • >>> Go to and log in (See Step 2 above)
  • >>> If the buttons are not installed on the computer you are using (Repeat Step 3)
  • >>> (Hint: check under LINKS toolbar)
  • >>> Find a website worth saving
  • >>> Highlight some text on the website that is useful information from the site (Right Click and COPY the Highlighted text)
  • >>> Click on POST TO DEL.ICIO.US under the LINKS toolbar
  • >>> The following information should fill in automatically (URL, Description, NOTES)
  • >>> hint: if the notes don't automatically fill in just CTRL V or PASTE them back in the NOTES field
  • >>> THEN add a few 'categories' under the TAG field (VERY VERY IMPORTANT STEP ( JUST LIKE youTUBE TAGS)
  • >>> you can add as many 'tags' as you want - this creates an automatic index with all the tags
  • >>> dont use spaces in your tags, but you can use under_score instead of spaces
  • >>>
  • >>> (For this exercise, we want you to have at least 2 tags for every site you add (your name AND the subject)
  • >>> i.e. I would add the following tags to a site I bookmarked about alcohol TAGS: "ms_d" and "alcohol"
  • >>>
  • >>> Repeat Step 4 as many times as you want
      1. Sharing your bookmarks with everyone on any computer
  • >>> * You don't have to be logged in to see someone elses bookmarks. Simply go to
  • >>> For example in this class our bookmarks can be viewed publicly at

  • >>> (tip: it is possible to make some bookmarks private, but we will not do this in our project)
  • >>> You now have a cumulative knowledge base that you can access from any computer (home, school, lab, etc)
  • >>> Working together, is working smarter!

3. Complete the following research assignment.