Create a poster for your PSA using the The PSA Poster Design rubric. Things to include on the poster include a "powerful image", a slogan, and information about where to seek help(website, phone numbers, addresses).
Using the PSA Poster checklist create a digital poster using the PSA Poster you created for your topic.

Develop a slogan about yor PSA topic . You can find one on the internet or make one up yourself (remember to document your source and give credit).You can search the internet for an image that represents your topic or create one yourself. (creative common license.doc) (AdobePhotoshop Elements)Download an audio selection and edit it in Audacity (sound editing program) to create a specific mood for your Digital PSA Poster (Royalty Free) (Audacity)Assemble Text, Image, Sound as part of Class Multimedia Project (Photostory) • •Tools: Adobe PhotoShop Elements, Creative Commons, Royalty Free Music, Audacity (Audacity directions.pdf), Microsoft PhotoStory (PHOTOSTORY DIRECTIONS.pdf) , Microsoft Paint.
2009-2010 school year

2009-2010-- school year
07-08 school year

06-07 school year

Example of Digital Poster from the 2007 school year