Smart Art

Welcome to SMART ART - a collaborative project for Grade 7 - 8 students meeting art, guidance, and technology standards.
The information in this Wiki is in rough draft form and being editted by your teachers as we all learn together. This course will be taught 4 times this year; we are in our fourth iteration. So as in the true spirit of wikis' we should see improved content throughout the school year.

Warm up Project - Digital Poster

Digital Poster Guidelines
Mini Lessons:

Onto the PSA

Public Service Anouncement Assessment Rubric

Intro to PSA

Research (Teacher Note: Related InfiniteThinking Blog Post)

Working with Audio

Integrating digital audio and images

Using MovieMaker to Pull it all together into a PSA

The Flow of Creating a PSA


Vermont IT Grade Expectations

Fine Arts Standards

Vital Results with Guidance